Michelle Mobley is the CEO of noquo LLC. Prior to launching noquo in 2018, Michelle spent three years as a top Account Executive for Getty Images and nearly a decade as the Co-Founder and CEO of I’d Rather be Grilling!,  a startup venture from which she generated a profit within the first two years of operations. 

Michelle started her career in corporate sales for industry leaders such as Marsh & McLennan, Control Risks Group and Dun & Bradstreet, building strong relationships with Fortune 500 accounts.

Michelle earned her MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management, a top-tier Business School.  She also holds a Bachelor’s degree with a double major in International Business and Spanish from North Central College and a certificate in Social Sector Leadership from the Haas School of Business at the University of California Berkeley.  


I love to refer to noquo as my 17-year-old startup. While I’ll definitely never be considered an overnight success, I firmly believe that developing my mission and vision long before I could even imagine my business model, is a much more visionary approach to starting a business than launching and operating for several years or even decades and then as pretty much an afterthought identifying why your organization exists.

So my startup journey began in 2001, but my story actually began on Christmas Day 1998 when our first child was born. Our son came into the world with an impressive amount of in utero frequent flyer miles due to the demanding travel schedule I had during my first pregnancy. As the Business Development Manager for a DC-based consulting firm, I traveled a good portion of the month managing my small territory of North America. Much to the surprise of my friends, family and colleagues, I decided I was not returning to work full time the moment I saw my son’s chubby little face and beautiful black curls.