What makes us different?

Benefits of Partnering with us

Unique Candidate Pool


By working with noquo, employers gain access to an underrepresented source of highly-skilled and educated, experienced candidates who are uniquely qualified to contribute to a company's bottom line on Day 1

Industry-leading Search Times


Since noquo concentrates its searches exclusively on its own diverse pool of experienced, fully-vetted and prescreened candidates; employers greatly benefit  from noquo's exceptionally low search times

Low Placement Fees


While the true value of working with noquo is having access to its experienced candidate pool; employers also benefit from noquo's highly competitive placement fees, including the option to hire a *return outright with up to a 50% discount off our standard rates.


Hire One, Get One

professional returnships experienced professional internships

For each permanent candidate hired through noquo, employers are entitled to bring on an experienced professional *return at a deeply discounted rate for a period of up to 90 days. This unique offer vastly increases the value of an employer's talent investment while providing recent, relevant experience for noquo's *return candidates.

*return – an experienced business professional with an extended career break who accepts a short-term assignment to gain recent experience in order to reenter the workforce