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Direct Hire Placements


noquo is dedicated to concentrating its searches on its own highly-skilled and educated, experienced candidate pool. noquo candidates go through a rigorous screening process before being presented to client companies.

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Job Search 101

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noquo partners with various local career resources centers, career coaches and outplacement counselors to ensure that all our candidates have the opportunity to develop the skills required to thrive in today's competitive workplace.

Career Resources



noquo prides itself in placing its highly-skilled and educated candidates with career gaps of two years or more in challenging *returnships with progressive employers to allow them to gain current, relevant experience on their resumes. 

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Networking Opportunities

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Since networking is overwhelmingly the most effective way to land a new role in today’s job market, noquo regularly shares networking opportunities sponsored by local career resource partners to help job seekers 

connect with one another. 

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Workforce Advocacy

advocate fair recruiting practices

noquo promotes fair recruiting practices for all qualified job candidates regardless of age or potential careers gaps, empowering today's multigenerational candidate pool to pursue challenging, professional opportunities at every stage of their careers.

*returnship - a temporary employment opportunity taken

by an experienced business professional seeking to

reenter the workforce after an extended career break